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We offer a wide variety of solutions for your structural steel requirements. Our management team works alongside customers, steel fabricators and designers during budgeting and tender stages, right through to erection on site. In the field, we employ highly trained and experienced foreman and utilize unionized iron workers, who are the most highly trained among the Red Seal skilled trades. With a large tool and equipment inventory, NRE is able to provide the appropriate resources to allow our field crews to work safely and efficiently.

We are very experienced in executing complex projects involving extensive pre-planning and erection by both conventional and non-conventional means and methods. By implementing strategic erection and engineered lifting procedures, we can deliver projects safely and in a timely manner to meet any range of structural steel requirement. We have completed erection projects of many different types and in many sectors;

  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Residential
  • Institutional
  • Industrial
  • Renovations
  • Elevator Shafts
  • Jacking
  • Pre-engineered Buildings
  • Overhead Crane Installation
  • Commercial
  • Building Reinforcement
  • AESS (Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel)
  • Shoring Procedures
  • Government & Municipality
  • Steel Deck Installation
  • Multi Crane/Tandem Lifting Procedures


Niagara Rigging and Erecting has the knowledge and expertise to execute challenging bridge projects. Most often, bridge structures are built in high traffic locations, including highways, rail corridors and dense urban cities. These factors pose significant constraints for access, safety, schedule and constructability. By pre-planning and implementing strategic erection and engineered lifting procedures, NRE has shown the capability to complete the most complex projects in the industry.

We have completed bridge erection projects of many types including;

  • Rail
  • Pedestrian
  • Arch
  • Barge Work
  • Road and Highway
  • Architecturally Exposed (AESS)
  • Rapid Replacements
  • Existing Bridge Removals
  • Reinforcing Existing Structures and Rehabilitations
  • Bridge Jacking and Sliding
  • Bearing Replacements
  • WWF Girder
  • Trapezoidal Box Girder


At NRE, we work with a network of steel fabricators who we have developed long standing and trusting relationships. We work closely together during the tender and contract stages to ensure a full understanding of the customer’s schedule and specific on-site logistics. Extensive pre-planning to figure out cost effective methods, coordinating erector friendly connections & ensuring on time delivery schedules during the pre-planning stages allows NRE to deliver a high quality product at a competitive price.


NRE works direct with engineers, architects, owners and steel fabricators alike to assist with designs including; erector friendly connections, member selection, erection stability, budget costs and schedules. We strive to bring mutually beneficial solutions to the table.


Niagara Rigging & Erecting offers solutions for major and critical lifts.

Every lift begins in the pre-planning stages, with all aspects analyzed including, but not limited to, equipment and rigging selection, load weight calculations, erection stability and safety.

Our lift plans are prepared by use of 2D and 3D software, offering our customers a full visualization and understanding of the lift, while eliminating guess work and interpretation errors in the field.