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Project Details

Description: 4 new rail bridge spans
Location: Downtown Toronto
Owner: Metrolinx
General Contractor: Graham Construction
NRE Role: Erection
Year: 2021 -2023
Tonnage: ±800
Overview: The Davenport diamond was an at grade train crossing located in downtown Toronto. The diamond was a crossing between CPR tracks and Metrolinx tracks. The mandate was to construct an elevated to crossing over top of the existing CPR tracks to reduce railways wait time and congestion and remove the intersection on the rails entirely. Major grade separation work was needed and 2 brand new TPG rail bridges needed to be constructed in order to achieve this. One was constructed over the diamond and another about 300m down track at Wallace Ave. In addition to these locations 2 existing rail spans at Bloor St were removed and reconstructed due to the age and condition of the existing spans.